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About McGowan Livestock and Saddlery

We have been building trees and saddles since 1994.  My family and I ride the saddles we build on a daily basis.  We own cattle and have also worked for Nevada ranches.  We have put ample time on our products that we build.  We are always studying horses backs and seeking input from our customers, so that we may further our education of saddle tree and saddles to provide our customers with the best product possible.  We believe it is important that we use our products to ensure quality and usability.  

Kate and I were both born and raised in Nevada making our children 6th generation Nevadans.  Both families are deeply rooted in Nevada ranching and mining.  Our goal is to raise our children in a ranching lifestyle passing on good horsemanship and the handling of livestock.  Both Trey and Conner helped in the saddle shop and learned the trade as they grew up.  Tragically we lost Conner in a car wreck November 2019.Trey is now engaged and works as a mining engineer.  We are looking forward to welcoming Sarah Johnson into our family in 2021.

If you have any questions, please email us.


Sarah , Trey, Kate, & Terrance


Conner, Kate, Terrance, & Trey


Sarah & Trey

Conner and Trey



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