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25th Anniversary Saddle 

Instead of waiting, you can own a McGowan Saddle in 2019 

25th Anniversary McGowan Saddlery

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Owning McGowan Saddle this Year.

In 1994, we embarked on an adventure to build high quality saddle trees.  While ranching and cowboying full time, we set out to build a saddle tree that fit a wide variety of ranch horses; eliminating many of the problems cowboys dealt with while riding.  As time progressed, the shop has evolved into a full time business.  With hard work and countless miles in the saddles we have designed and built, our saddles have become among the finest in the world. As a celebration and thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout the years, we are offering a special commemorative saddle.

Our 25th Anniversary saddle will be put out to the highest bidder.  The winning bid will receive a custom saddle built to their specifications, designed and built by McGowan Saddlery.  The saddle will have a special one of a kind 3 1/2 inch 25th commemorative sterling silver cantle plate built by John Mincer at Mincer Silversmith. Here is a preliminary sketch that John has drawn for us.

If you would like to participate, please email us at  with your bid (there is a reserve - current base price $6800).  Bids will close on August 30, 2019 (All customers on our saddle list as well as those who have had a saddle built received this opportunity early).  Bids will go out to the general public on August 15th. We will announce the winning bid on September 6, 2019. Upon your winning bid, we will start designing and building your saddle.  The saddle includes your choice of tree style, rigging, seat (full or half), stamping, skirts, custom stirrups (up to 5") and custom hand made cinch from our makers, saddle blanket and Mincer's cast hardware.  Due to the special circumstances of this saddle, full payment must be received by September 12, 2019 or bid will be forfeited. Ready to ride when you receive it. Good luck and thank you again for the continuous support we are excited to build a beautiful one and only commemorative saddle. 



Terrance, Kate, Trey and Conner

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Terrance & Kate McGowan
McGowan Saddlery
4511 Alcorn Road
Fallon, NV 89406

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