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                                            Lightweight Great Basin Wade

Looking for a light weight saddle that is both functional and light.  This light weight durable saddle weighs approximately 28 to 30 pounds, varies from saddle to saddle. The tree, built by Terrance McGowan, is covered in 5 mm rawhide. The "lightweight Great Basin Wade" attracts the attention of people who are looking for a light saddle or dressage riders who are also interested in western style saddle (perfect for cowboy dressage enthusiast). If you are looking for a forward and balance seat, we can provide you with a light weight western saddle with the feel you are use to.

Light weight saddle built on our Great Basin Wade tree.

Great Basin Wade

The Great Basin Wade Saddle Tree was designed by myself in 1994.  The Great Basin offers more gullet clearance at the front as well as the back of the fork, achieving the wade look with more wither clearance then a traditional wade style tree.  This tree still achieves the fork strength that was a big part of the original design.  This tree can be built with four inch to six inch fork stock.  Typically it would have a wood post horn and your choice of cantle.  The Great Basin Wade can be built on any of the three bars styles we offer.  If built on our smaller bar, a maximum seat length will be 15 inches.  

Great Basin Wade with a half seat

Great Basin Wade with a full seat

Visalia 3B

The Visalia 3B saddle/saddle tree is very well known and has been reproduced many times. Our 3B tree patterns are old time in look while offering the same function and fit as the rest of our quality of saddles. 

Visalia 3B Saddle with half seat and loop seat 

Miscellaneous Saddle Pictures

All McGowan saddles are built on our hand-made trees.  Saddles are custom ordered to fit your needs and are built with the highest quality materials (#1 Herman Oak skirting, premium quality latigo and shearlings).   

The style of trees we offer are Great Basin Wade (designed by Terrance McGowan), Visalia 3-B, A-fork, weatherly, rimrock (swell fork), and Porter 37 (swell fork).  

For information, email us at or give us a call, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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McGowan Saddlery
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