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Head Gear

Looking for something special, the following gear spade bits, spoon spades, half breeds, headstalls, curb straps, slobber straps, rein chains built by Trey, romal reins, bosals, bosal hangers, curb straps, fiadors and mecates.    

Bits in Stock

We have spanish spade bits, spoon spades, and some half breeds.  Prices range from $395 to $425. 


We have built a variety of 5/8 headstall.  We have either a browband or a single ear headstalls.  The bit end buckles makes these headstall unique, in that they are easy to change from bit to bit and they work especially well with a two rein.  This design give extra room for your two rein bosal and sits extremely close to your horses face. 

Rein Chains
Built by Trey McGowan

These are made from either German Silver, brass or Steel.  The steel achieves a very nice natural patina for an aged look.  

 $65.00 to $85.00

Curb Straps 

Curb Straps - Single tie, double tie, bridle ease (designed by Terrance).   

The bridle ease curb strap was designed by Terrance, it allows the rider to disconnect the curb strap at the nearside for easy bridling and unbridling without loosing the adjustment.  This curb strap works especially well for a high port mouth piece, such as a spade. 

Single Tied Curb Strap $15
Double Tied Curb Strap $20
Bridle Ease Curb Strap we also have these with buckles $25


12 plait rawhide bosals

Please call for availability.  We have a wonderful braider whom we work with.

Bosal Hangers
Prices range from $20 to $40.  Depending upon style.

Mecates and Get Downs

4 or 6 Strand

1/4 x 16'  $60.00
3/8 x 16'  $70.00

3/8" x 22' $90.00
1/2" x 22' $95.00
5/8" x 22' $100.00
3/4 x 22'  $105.00

Various colors are available.

Romal reins

42" 12 plt  $350.00 

We have a few in stock.  Please call for availability. Pictures coming soon. 


Three colors available: light brown and multi-color orange.  $20.00


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